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IBFA Competitors Testimonials

Bryan Norbury

Ibfa does what other federations promise to do ( but don’t )…. Look after it’s athletes ! Always my first choice federation when picking shows… friendly unbiased judging, amazing opportunities and trophies…. Couldn’t ask for anything more

Teresa Shuker

Being a first time competitor I was very nervous but this federation made me feel right at home Martyn and his team go above and beyond to make sure everyone feels at ease and looked after from biscuits and water backstage to ushering us all on stage with ease and respect. The atmosphere is awesome and everyone knows everyone there’s no animosity or strife. Thankyou for making my experience special ❤️
I will be back next season and can’t wait

Alex Dunnett

Had a great season 2021 doing 4 Ibfa shows including the British.. met some great people and hope to compete again in a couple of years with them.
Keep it up Marty and team ❤

Paul Booth

After a twelve year break from competing I returned in 2021 to find that the sport I loved had become somewhat of a social media circus with the emphasis on churning money above all else. Don’t get me wrong, a business is a business but without the athletes, there would be no business. Other feds made me feel like an inconvenience to them and very much ‘in the way’. The IBFA however is true to the sport I knew & loved. The athletes come first and are made to feel valued. Martyn & the team of show hosts do a superb job of bringing true bodybuilding back. I loved every minute of my time competing at IBFA shows this year and for me there is no other stage I’d grace. Paul Booth IBFA Cumbria Over 50’s Winner

Chris Williams

Have competed with the IBFA for a few years now , a fantastic federation that puts their athletes as a priority
Old Skool don’t get much better
Onwards and upwards 🙂

Gavin Morris

Testimonial: I started competing in 2018 and my first show was IBFA Midlands championships , Since then I have been hooked – the way the IBFA treat the competitors is above and beyond , I have qualified for the British finals the last 3 years and each time the show gets better and better. This really is bringing old school bodybuilding back where its all about the competitors and not a money making scheme. I will continue to compete for the IBFA for many years to come and I also want to thank you for all the effort the IBFA go to make each show as amazing as the last

Kevin Applegarth

Only been competing a year now, I’ve competed in 3 IBFA comps. 2 qualifiers and the IBFA Britain’s. These comps were run and organised excellent. The athletes and promoters and judges were all top class. I felt part of a family and will be be competing regularly with this federation. True family values

Chris Chapman

I’ve really enjoyed competing with the IBFA.The shows I’ve done in the UK at both qualifier and national level have been  professionally run and judged to a high level. As athletes we put our lives and a lot of money into the the sport and really only ask for a place to compete where we feel valued and fairly treated. The IBFA UK has certainly ticked these boxes for me and as a bonus I’ve met some fantastic people through the federation. Chris.

Michael White

My IBFA Experience!
I competed with IBFA for the first time back in 2017. I did James Room’s West Midlands Show.
This was the first bodybuilding show I had ever done. Although I did not have a clue what I was doing. I really enjoyed the experience, was made to feel very welcome by everyone involved.
I remember the organiser James Room, taking time to speak to me. Giving me some really good advice and encouragement for the future.
He didn’t have to do that, however that suck with me. It was greatly appreciated and really added to the whole experience.
From that I went away, despite suffering a bad injury at work. Ending up requiring a spinal operation which was by no means fun. I was determined not to give up and really wanted to compete with the IBFA due to my excellent experience.
In 2019 I was able to step on stage again, I was back at West Midlands show! Once again really well run and made to feel very welcome.
Then covid hit the world, everything was on hold!
2021 we were able to return to normal again. This is where I thought the IBFA really came in to its own!
The way in which it was determined to put on shows again across the country along with the way it supported its athletes was just simply amazing!
Personally I did the Plymouth show this time round. Back stage was amazing, I got to meet some great people. Everyone really got on well together, was such a great atmosphere.
To top it all off, I managed to win my class and received a British Finals invite. I was over the moon!
2 weeks later I was off to Gateshead!
What a truly amazing experience this was, the whole thing from start to finish was totally amazing! The organisation, the athletes, the atmosphere, the venue. I really couldn’t fault anything at all. To top it all off, I was absolutely thrilled to pick up a placing of 5th in my class.
I really feel like I have struck gold in finding the IBFA as a federation to complete with.
A federation with principles, supports its members and everyone who I have come in contact with is so friendly and only to happy to help.
Without question I would recommend the IBFA to anyone who is interested in bodybuilding. No matter what level you are at. I truly believe you will not be disappointed.
God willing I look forward to many more years ahead being able to compete with this federation.
If anyone is thinking about trying the IBFA, please feel free to contact me via Instagram. @mike_5511 I would be more than willing to tell you first had how good it really is.